Rectory Barn Farm is a family-run, mixed farm owned by Peter and Anita Burdfield. The mixed farm nestles on the north-west slope of a ridge of hills running from east to west across the Sussex Weald. On a clear day both North and South can be seen easily. The farm raises free range turkeys (available to buy dressed every Christmas) and pigs with arable crops.
The Burdfields have probably been farming in Sussex since the time of William the Conqueror, and the farm and surrounding area are rich in natural and archaelogical heritage and is bordered by hedgerows dating back to medieval times.
In fact Itchingfield was so well hidden that it was omitted from the Doomsday Book. Also nearby are Iron Age and Bronze Age sites, the famous Roman archaeological site of Aldfoldean, and the South Downs walk which stretches for miles across the rolling Sussex landscape. Many literary figures such as Shelley and Beloc, were born nearby.
The vision is to manage their farmland to create conditions in which wildlife can flourish, investing in its people, and achieving a profit while having high animal welfare standards and enabling livestock to express natural behaviour.