Welcome to our Christmas Turkey page.

This will be our 33rd year rearing turkeys for Christmas.  Thanks to all our regular customers for your support over many of those years and your encouragement to continue producing them.

If you would like to  order your Christmas Turkey from us, simply check to find out if we still have some available (email me, or call me:   Call 07703 182971  or text  – and then go to the “BuyNow  button below and pay  a deposit of  £15 per turkey. 

The deposit secures the order. 

The turkeys are all bronze hens and should reach weights of about 7-8Kg (about 15.5 lbs – 17.5lbs).  

They are £11.56 per Kg (£5.25 per lb) oven ready.  We don’t sell them by their deadweight.*
They will be ready for collection on  Monday 24th December, from our farm in Itchingfield – RH13 0NU from 10am until 12.00 noon.  Or, before, by appointment.  Call me on 07703 182 971.      Please leave a voicemail message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 
See Map by clicking on “WE ARE HERE” below.  Also, see the note about Sat Nav’s.  Our access is from Itchingfield Village.
We don’t have a card machine, so you can pay by internet,  cash, or an old fashioned cheque. 
Many thanks for your interest. 


Once you know we still have turkeys available:

Pay a £15.00 DEPOSIT  by clicking on the BUY NOW button.

Alternatively you can pay by internet.  I will e.mail you the information.


We are SW of Horsham, just off the A264 at the top of a hill.  Behind the old Itchingfield Primary School (now all boarded up) which is on a 90 degree bend.  Alongside the school is a farm track.  There is a sign saying “Warning” This is not a Sat Nav route.”  Go along the track for about 200 yards and there is a turning on the left with a big wooden building. Vere left and you will find yourself in a farmyard with us in a big green farm building, opposite Auto Team Mechanics Reception.  The post code is RH13 0NU.  Any problems, call me on 07703 182 971.  Note:   Your Sat Nave may want to take you through the Muntham Estate, which is wrong.  If this is the case, try using the post code RH13 0NX.


Amount of meat per person:

Hens are smaller than Stags, and in the past we have produced some turkeys that have reached over 30lbs in weight.  Great for people with huge ovens, but for most people that isn’t the case.  So, this year we have only reared hens which should reach an average weight of about 15lbs – some bigger, some smaller.

The rule of thumb for buying a whole turkey:Approx  1 lb (500g) per person plus a bit.

This should be enough to cover dinner and allow for leftovers to snack on throughout the evening.   Whether or not you would like leftovers also determines the weight of the bird which is why we would recommend you buy one large enough so that you have some leftover for turkey sandwiches, pies and curries.  Cooked turkey freezes really well too.  Our turkeys are great value compared to other meats and should be between 6.5Kg and 8.5Kg.

If you are used to ordering in Ibs and are unsure what size you need to order, please take a look at the table below. These weights are all for oven ready turkeys with giblets.

KGs Lbs
6.5 – 6.99 14.30 – 15.39
7 – 7.49 15.40 – 16.39
7.5 – 7.99 16.40 – 17.59
8 – 8.49 17.60 – 18.69
8.5 – 8.99 18.70 – 19.79


We cannot guarantee exact weights in advance but will endeavour to find a bird to match your order as close as we can.




* deadweight includes the head, feet and innards which have all been discarded.  Old fashioned Butchers shops used to sell the birds by their deadweight.